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Home Maintenance Checklist For All The Seasons

For your home to look its best and raise in value, it requires constant maintenance. Keeping on top of all the little but important tasks will save you both money and time as letting things fall into despair will only lead to costly repair jobs. 

Well, we have identified the most essential tasks as well as the best seasons to do them in order to make your house a nicer and healthier place to live. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it gives an excellent start towards protecting your loved ones’ safety as well as your investment. 


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1. Clean the fridge, vacuum coils and freezer drip pans

2. Check the roof, gutters as well as downpipes for debris and damage after snow storms

3. Inspect the basement for water leaks

4. Check the water heater for pressure issues and leaks. You may want to invest in a leak detector to avoid flooding damage. 

One of the most important things to do during winter is getting rid of ice dams. That’s because they can cause extensive roof damage. Usually, inadequate insulation in the attic is the culprit as it allows heated air to warm the roof, thus melting the snow. 


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1. Uncover and inspect all exterior faucets for damage or leaks. 

2. Check for roof damage from winter storms. Spring and summer are usually the best seasons to get your roof inspected by a professional after hails or major storms. 

3. You should also blow out the sprinkler system and restart the exterior water sources. 

4. Hire an HVAC expert to check and maintain your AC unit. 

Perhaps the most important task during spring is cleaning the gutters and downspouts. That’s because they tend to clog with leaves and debris, causing rainwater to overflow. Cleaning them prevents costly water damage. 


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1. Check your concrete or wood deck for deterioration. In order to prevent water damage and extend the life of your wooden deck, consider re-sealing it. 

2. Inspect the exterior siding for chips and damage. Repair as required. 

3. Hire a tree trimmer or arborist to get rid of damaged or dead trees that might fall on your home or your neighbour’s property. 

4. Inspect outdoor play equipment for damage and repair as needed. 

5. Check the door and window locks and make sure they function properly. 

Perhaps the most important thing to do during summer is dehumidification. Ensuring that the humidity of your home is 30-50 percent always prevents the growth of mould. 

Autumn (Fall)

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1. You should drain the sprinkler systems and any other exterior water sources. Also, cover outdoor pipes in order to prevent freezing. 

2. Rake, aerate the lawn and ensure you clean the gutters towards the end of the season, or before snow falls. 

3. Clean the interior of kitchen appliances like the oven before the holidays. 

4. Hire a reputable chimney sweep to check and clean vents and flues. 

5. Drain, clean and cover the swimming pool if you reside in a colder region.

6. Re-seal or re-caulk around windows and doors to keep cold air out. 

The most important thing to do during Autumn is to get a furnace tune-up. A professional will be able to check for carbon monoxide leaks and change the filters, ensuring that your furnace functions optimally.

Maintaining your home is never fun, and can sometimes be a costly exercise – but we hope these tips will help address some of your concerns.

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