Building Your Brand with Online Business Directories

When you’re trying to grow your online presence, there are a few things you can do to boost your branding without spending a fortune.

One of the ways you can create more citations (listings) for your website is by creating social media profiles on the major platforms. Don’t restrict yourself to the usual suspects of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter though! Be sure to explore the other high authority social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on (check out a pretty exhaustive list here:

But once you’ve moved on from social media, you’ll want to explore online business directories.

Free & Paid Online Business Directories

There are to main types of online business directories – paid, and free.

It should be noted that, like most things in life, free doesn’t always mean “bad” and paid doesn’t always mean “good”! You should always start with free before moving on to the paid listings – here’s what we recommend.

First, register for the Yellow Pages, White Pages, Pink Pages directories – whatever options are available in your market. Then register for the most common ones in your country such as HotFrog, Yellow Pages, Yelp! and so on. You may end up getting results like Pivotal Homes, an investment property builder in Surfers Paradise (owned by a friend of ours). They recently did a great job of doing this & got several of their directory listings showing up on Page One of Google for quality keywords.

We also recommend, which has great authority and will help you rank well. Even job sites can help, like or

The best option is to simply Google “business directories <city>” and explore the various options which come up. Look specifically for free listings first.

In our experience, upgrading to a paid account on almost all directories is pointless – all you really need is the website backlink for better rankings.

General vs Industry-Specific Business Directories

Once you’ve exhausted the general business directories, you’ll want to move on to the niche-specific ones. These may include Houzz, UrbanSpoon or any number of target directories depending on your niche and location.

Similar to the previous example, Google “business directories <niche>” or “business directories <niche> <city>” and explore the options you see.

A Good vs Weak Business Directory Link

If you’re really wanting to boost your website rankings, you’ll want to avoid adding links to low quality (or spammy) business directories. One way you can check the authority of the directory before you create your listing, is to check the domain at – you’ll want a Domain Authority of 10+.

Final Tip for Finding The Best Listings

Lastly, use Google (in case you missed it the first two times!)

Run a search like “best business directories <niche> (or <city>) seo” and see what results you get! Chances are, someone has already done the leg work for you, and you can just copy their results. Why be a pioneer?

Populating Your Directory Listings

For best results, be sure to populate as much of the listing as you can. That means you need to:

  1. Upload your logo
  2. Provide your full business address accurately and consistently in all sites (as it appears in Google+)
  3. Upload as many photos of your business / staff / products etc as you can
  4. Provide your operating hours
  5. List your accepted payment methods
  6. Specify ALL your services or products
  7. Create as many relevant keywords / tags as you’re allowed to provide
  8. Putting your business in the most accurate category / categories
  9. Providing a detailed description, using as many words as you can within the limits provided

Linking Out To Your Business Directories

Once you’ve populated your online business directories, be sure to send your clients to them via blog articles, social media posts, emails and more. You’ll be able to drive up traffic to your directories, increase the chance of getting customer reviews, and build your online presence much stronger.

It can also help you battle against negative articles or search result listings for your brand!

Just one word of warning – avoid “keyword stuffing” in your listings. If you want to rank in Google for “plumber <city>” for example, you’ll only want to mention that exact phrase once or twice in your listing. Keep it “natural” and easy to read.

Final Thoughts

It’s good practice to keep your eyes open for quality business directories – it isn’t a one-time deal.

You can find competitor backlinks and list your website on directories they’ve used… a free and sneaky way to improve your online presence!

Creating Successful Business Presentations that Get Real Results

This article is for you if you aren’t sure where to get started but would like to give successful presentations. There are three excellent tips for achieving this goal, and then all you need to do is expand your efforts.

It’s just a case of applying the techniques that have been proven to be effective because there really isn’t any big secret to it. Of course, you can make it more interesting by adding your own personality to it. Identifying your own voice when delivering a presentation is the key to make it successful. You need to get used to the right tone and clarity of your voice. Writing out sections of the presentation is critical but you don’t have to do it for all the presentation, you can then add your own personal twist to it.

Snakes, Death and Public Speaking

You know that public speaking is something many people are afraid to do. It can even be unnerving if you are giving a business presentation in front of your own peers at work. If you’re willing to persist, you can get over that fear. Be positive and remember those people are looking forward to hearing from you.

Remember that those people are showing you respect by listening to what you have to say. View your role as the person who is presenting in order to help them. Emphasize on the positive key points of your content and just stay focused. You’ll be surprised you’ll find it a lot easier.

Your Tone Makes All The Difference

You need to set the right tone when it comes to first impressions and ensure people are paying attention when you start your business presentation. People will generally gain an impression of you right away as well as the quality of the content you are offering. You can make sure they form a good opinion using a number of methods.

Storytelling could be one technique, however, no matter what you do make sure that it’s something that comes naturally to you. People are always willing to listen to a good story and it’s something that can work very powerfully. But make the story very relevant to them and what you will be saying as you continue your talk.

Business presentations bookEngaging Your Audience

Interacting with the crowd is a great way to make sure that your presentation is the best for everyone involved. One simple way to do this is through asking questions and using other interaction tools. With the variety of questions available, one can simply throw in comments or insights. As soon as you’re able to convince one or a number of people to be on your side, everyone else will follow suit. That’s one good thing about a crowd.

You can either find relevant matters to discuss from the comments or you can continue giving your presentation. Take all the advantage and leverage you can from any business presentation you do. There is really nothing to them from the technical point of view, and a lot of the concerns are in your head. This isn’t any time to slack off, and you can locate tons of resources for further study.

Online Marketing Institute

3 Methods of Improving Your Business Negotiation Skills

The state of economies everywhere means that you need to be ready to negotiate all of the time. Being anything less that competent and successful can cause failure and to potentially go under. You also never know who you’ll be pitted against across the table.

If you’re up against experience, then your work is cut-out for you with little room for error. Negotiating involves many important factors such as your mindset and degree of preparedness.

Getting Started with Negotiation

It’s important to learn all of the relevant information about the people you will be facing. And you can assume they will know everything about you and your business. There just isn’t any excuse for failing to be properly prepared so here are a few negotiating tips you can use to your advantage.

It’s possible to become a better negotiator by developing a couple of skills. Asking all of the right questions and practicing some active listening can usually tip the scales in your favor. The important point about active listening is to listen more than you speak. People tend to prefer to do the talking in most settings.

More Than Words

You can use body language, facial expressions, etc to keep the other person talking. It’s why you should learn who you will be negotiating with before you get started. An experienced and skilled negotiator will know these two points and use them against you.

Negotiators tend to let their own personalities and values inform what they do. You’ll find some who want to win regardless of the expense of the other side. This is a win-no win mindset, which is not the same as the win-win mindset.

It’s important to choose an approach and then figure out how to become successful with it. You need to be highly skilled at negotiating if you want to be successful at win-no win strategy. Otherwise you’ll need to be a specific kind of ruthless and this isn’t always possible.

Reaching the Best Outcomes

The win-win strategy is best served when you have the capability of putting yourself into the other side’s position. Figuring out the opposition’s situation and how they see things will be fundamentally useful in creating an outcome that is win-win.

Many people like to have 24 hours of time to negotiate things in emergencies. Try to set that aside. To get this time, tell people you have to discuss the matter with your team. But you may very well be the only person who can make final decisions.

Tell them you have a business partner or associate and that you need to talk with them before final decisions are actually made. Of course all will remain anonymous but they exist and you may need to consult with them. At no time should you reveal that you are the key, or only, decision maker on your end.

Take Negotiations Seriously

If you want a good outcome from negotiations, you need to take them seriously. Even when your business is a small one, the stakes are just as high: even though the terms are relative. How successful you eventually become is entirely up to you. It is important to acquire knowledge and then put it to good use.

How to Get the Perfect Attitude to Succeed in Your Business

If you’ve recently started, or are thinking about starting a business, it’s important to have the right mindset. Since achieving your goals will be your responsibility, you need to know what you are doing and not wait around for others to tell you what to do. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t ask others for advice but in the end you are the only one responsible for what you do.

In this article you will find some advice on how to get the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

When you are trying to achieve the right mindset for a business, you need to get rid of the “get rich quick” attitude because it can ruin all your progress. You need to learn to resist all the marketing schemes designed to get you to fall for this mindset or you could end up spending every last cent you have on one system after another.

You have to develop a mindset that will allow you to ignore the temptation of the advertisements that land in your inbox or real mailbox. The best antidote to this is focusing diligently on your own goals and recognizing that it takes consistent effort to build a business.

As an example, an Australian real estate entrepreneur, Michael Irwin of Pivotal Homes has advised in an article on that his reason for building his business was to help other Australians make money from property. As they say, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll end up getting what you want, too.

Long Term vs Short Term Results

Lots of people concentrate too much on getting results right away, and find it hard to be productive on tasks that seem useless. Let us say you are part of a sales workforce, the notion is you would try to have a certain target of contacts in your list every day where you could get potential clients. You normally do this for non immediate results.

When your hard work doesn’t generate sales right away, it can be easy to get discouraged but you have to push it through. Knowing the fact that there are a few businesses out there that provide the right and immediate response, you should apply a different strategy after months of not getting any results. Clearly, you can’t expect every move you make to present good results right away. Hard works pays off but in this type of business, “the pot of gold is usually found at the end of the rainbow”.

Finding the Right Help

Large companies used to be the only ones to outsource, or to employ cheap labor in other countries, but now many small businesses can do the same. To outsource means to hire another person to do some work for you. You have the option of employing someone close by or even someone across the planet.

Given whatever situation suits you (considering the budget and level of work) you need to make sure that you give it to someone who knows the job well and possesses good feedback and reputation in that field. You need to avoid spending money without making a profit, which is why everything you outsource should be profitable.

You should first start outsourcing with a few jobs and then slowly build it up. If you want to achieve certain results, you have to think and act in a way that’s similar to those who have already succeeded in this area. If you have already started a home business, and it hasn’t been as successful as you wanted, maybe it is because you haven’t taken the time to get the right mentality.

Understanding Today’s Business Success Patterns – Ones that Work

Some people still have an unrealistic way of looking at people who have climbed up to the top of their fields. Successful behaviors are the behaviors that people have managed to pick up from a diverse variety of sources, whether it be from their upbringing or lessons learned later in life.

Business Leaders aren’t Superheroes

Well, they’re just people like you are and that means you can do the same things they do, like learning from people who came up before they did. Money isn’t the issue here and in fact, a lot of wealthy people got to start dreaming at the bottom.

Brian Tracy's business success bookPeople who succeed always recommend knowing your weaknesses, and your success levels as well. Believe it or not, it’s not as easy to do as it would seem since your ego will certainly get in your way. Looking at your lowest and becoming self-aware both really matter.

Know Your Own Strengths

Most people look in the mirror and not see the real person looking back, despite knowing their imperfections to a great degree. If you are challenged in this area, then it’s something you can overcome with effort. Your personal life, in your business life, can become much better once you truly understand both aspects of yourself in the way that we have just presented.

As business owners or executives, we are constantly being bombarded with requests of all kinds nearly every day. When we try to handle these requests, and do a good job in doing so, our time can be sucked away so quickly. Saying “no” and learning how to do it is also important every once in a while. It may be the wrong thing to do (saying no), so make sure you are not damaging any relations with customers, or for your business, by doing so.

Make Your Own Way

This is your business and it is you alone who can make the proper move any way and any how you see fit. You might choose not to provide help when looking for alternative solutions that do not necessarily require what you thought was needed all of this time. Every situation that you handle must be taken care of using your good judgment as they are all different.

So many incredible achievements in business all started from the fruits of a positive business relationship or even friendship. That’s exactly why successful business people learn how to build bridges and positive connections with others. It’s not possible to know when things will occur in a beneficial way for you and your business.

You have proven all along that positive and negative relationships can be developed. This is just how life works. Even in those times when something happens that is less than positive, be positive and cordial about it as much as you can. Positive outlook in life attracts positive results. Success is certainly something that is probable in your future, and by staying positive, the odds will be in your favor.

Focus on Solutions not Problems

Successful men and women in business do not waste time thinking about problems or obstacles. When they see problems, they simply solve them and move on. That’s how you need to start looking at your own situation, and this is very doable for you.

The more you practice being a problem solver, the better you’ll become. And it may just end up being the most important skill you develop!

How to Make Content-Rich and Secure Business Websites

For the most part the Google Penguin train wreck has calmed down and that means that businesses are finally getting to the work of getting set back up and recovering from it. While addressing backlinks (which takes time), ensure that you’ve got the best quality website content pages you can create.

Road to Recovery

You are going to notice that this is important to help with Panda compliance. But, if you’d rather avoid Google in favour of something like PPC, you can’t ignore the importance of offering you a fantastic experience. Your site’s content has a direct effect on whether or not your readers will have a good experience on your site. But it’s not just content, it’s also the format. With that in mind, learn the following lessons to make your content pages more powerful.

Maybe you’re struggling with how to monetise with ads on your site, but all you really need to do is follow the lead with high ranking websites. There are some positive benefits for search engine rankings, but it has still been painful. Site usability has always been very important even if most sites ignored it. The best thing you can do with any ads is not to let them get in the way of reading. A big thing and that’s easy to do is scaling down the size of the ads and making them blend in well.

Onpage Content

Along with the headline/sub-headline structure that is so popular you’ll also be working out some well defined areas for your copy. In addition to understanding your content and copy it is important to help your readers fully appreciate what you are saying and offering to them. If you get it right nobody will care how long your page goes on (mostly). This content, at the same time, must be both interesting and entertaining enough to keep your readers reading. But when you have well-defined sections, then that helps people to process it easier in their brains. While this has helped to some degree by sub-headers, low contrast demarcations can also be quite useful. Low contrast keeps them visible but doesn’t allow them to become distractions.

You can link too much in your posts, so just remember all things in moderation. Be different and mix things up with your linking, and that means making any and all images a link. First, people automatically hover over an image to see if it’s a link. Integrating your website with Pinterest must be done with images on your site and at your profile at Pinterest if you have one. There’s a lot you can do even if you are an affiliate, and this is more true with affiliate marketing. Don’t forget about ranking benefits if you are trying to rank on search.

Securing Your Site

If your website is built on WordPress, it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to hack your site. While we use & love WordPress ourselves, and it’s fantastic for so many reasons, one of the problems with it is that it’s so popular! Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit old plugins or platform versions, so be sure to keep your website up to date at all times.

You should also consider popular WordPress security plugins such as All In One Security.

Lastly, you may want to look at the services offered by a trusted cyber security company in Australia, UK or America, who can provide a managed firewall or secure DNS service, to block DOS attacks.

Old Dogs…?

If you need to change your strategies for producing content on your business site, then commit to new habits. Once you’ve amassed the right sorts of knowledge for the things you need to accomplish, you should work on building systems of your own. It’s important to do this because it lays the groundwork for future and good habits. Then, as your content gets even more effective, you can learn even more.

By coming up with new tricks for creating site content, and also making sure that your site is secured from attacks (to protect your new content from theft or ransomware!), you’ll be on your way to a better business website in no time.